SR - Digital Signing Tool

Download the SR - Digital Signing Tool

About the SR - Digital Signing Tool

Using this tool, an economic operators can electronically sign their submission reports, generated by e-Tendering.

It is intended to be used by non-belgian companies who can not apply the signature processes already implemented in e-Tendering.

This tool is pre-configured by the service e-Procurement.

You have only to select your submission report and sign it with the appropriate token.

About the certificate

To create a legally binding signature, a qualified certificate is required. Every EU member state has to maintain a list of certificate authorities, selling Qualified Certificates (QC). These are called Trusted Services Lists (TSL).

The list containing the links to these member-state-specific TSLs can be found on the site of the European Commission.


This tool is provided without any garantuees! The Belgian e-Procurement Service cannot garantue proper functioning on all possible client configurations. 

The Belgiane-Procurement is not responsible for any negative consequences the use of this tool might have.

It is available as an alternative when the e-Tendering signature methods cannot be used an one does not dispose of a proper signature creation software.


This tool is based on the project developed under the EU Digital Signature Services project.

That software has been commissioned by the Commission (DG MARKT, Directorate E, Services), financed under the ISA Work Programme (DG DIGIT) in the framework of the implementation of Services Directive.

Click on the following link to download the original version of the DSS Standalone application.