De informatie op deze website wordt vanaf 29 juni 2022 niet meer bijgewerkt. Vanaf dat moment vind je alle geactualiseerde informatie van de FOD Beleid en Ondersteuning (BOSA) op de website in English

We are sorry to inform you that this website has not yet been fully translated into English.

Until then, please find below the list of documents and information currently available in English

User rights and obligations



European regulations

Unsubscribing from the messaging mail 

Deleting your account (and by doing so, unsubscribing from all communications) 

  • Log in with your user name and password at 
  • Go to My Profile (on the left side of the menu). 
  • Scroll down. 
  • Click on 'Delete my account'. 

Keeping your account, unsubscribing from e-Notification messaging 

  • Log in with your user name and password at
  • Go to e-Notification (via the black bar at the top of the website). 
  • Go to 'My Search Profiles' (on the left side of the menu). 
  • This will take you to the first search profile. 
  • Scroll down.  
  • When asked ‘Receive automated notifications?’, choose 'No'. 
  • Click on 'Save'. 
  • Repeat this for all your search profiles. 

Forgotten login/password?  

Reset your password via

Please send your e-mail from the address with which you're registered on our platform. 

Unsubscribing from newsletters

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters, please forward this message to and add ‘Unsubscribe’ as a message. The e-mail address used to send this e-mail will no longer receive any newsletters.